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 Michael DiSabatino - Founder & Working Visionary
profile mike

"I believe that communication is the key element between a client and their advisor. As such, building a solid relationship must begin with an understanding of who you are dealing with and how they do business. I invite all considering the Firm We Do books to contact us for a free initial consultation so that we can provide you a sense of who we are and how we can nurture your personal and professional financial growth and stability. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your confidence in our abilities and processes. Let's start now.... What follows is a brief biography to allow you a better understanding of my background. "






Michael’s father encouraged his eager younger son into entrepreneurship early in life. Born and raised in New Jersey, Michael routinely established contracts with his dad beginning in the sixth grade. By the age of 16, Mike was well on his way with his own motorcycle accessory shop! Mike later worked with General Motors after graduating with a BS degree in Accounting and a concentration in computer science. The young man then entered public accounting and obtained his CPA certificate with a local firm in New Jersey, providing him the basis for a working knowledge in public accounting. In 1988, a Ventura, California-based construction company invited Mike to service their accounting needs, leading to his eventual relocation to California in 1990.

 Early California

Shortly after arriving in Ventura County, Mike established an accounting firm in Channel Islands Harbor. As the practice grew, Mike continued to serve clients in both New Jersey and California. In 1999, with the passing of his father, Mike returned to New Jersey for a period of time, leaving his practice with a local Ventura firm. Irresistibly drawn to sunny Southern California, Mike happily accepted a position as CFO of a software company, then located on the 20th floor of the Oxnard Tower, in the height of the “Dot Com Era” and discovered a new passion for website programming while assisting Intel with the build of a section of their website. The software company successfully spun off several of its segments, just prior to the high-tech industry’s crash. Always maintaining his roots in accounting, Mike continued to service larger clients on project-by-project need, which were referred by long-term attorney relationships Mike developed. Most of the companies were multi-national requiring a forensic accounting approach to their State-side operations, using management transitions.

 Website Developer

Concurrent to his project based accounting assignments, Mike then sought to indulge his passion for motorcycles through developing what grew to become the most popular motorcycle-related site on the Web, As web-based enterprise took hold of the Net, Mike's business continued to grow and take shape, reaching its peak in 2006 with the unveiling of an on-line magazine designed by Mike and his small development team. In 2007, earned the honor of the prestigious 2007 Community Site of the Year award from Ektron, Inc. and the business was successfully merged with the on-line publisher, Vertical Scope. The website and Michael's understanding of early Social Networking became a reference and case-study for a white-paper "Customer 2.0" by the Aberdeen Group.

 Camarillo, CA CPA Firm

The firm of DiSabatino, CPA; located in Camarillo, was established in 2005, and continues to expand. As a boutique CPA firm, the clients enjoy a one-on-one experience with Michael. Services range from personal tax preparation for individuals through financial consulting and planning for distressed businesses, sometimes taking on the role of a part-time chief financial officer (CFO), Mike serves as a respected advisor and financial partner to his clients. Please explore this website for additional information on the firm and the services we provide.

 We Do Books™

We Do Books™ was founded on the principles that small businesses need the same high-end accounting and tax work that larger businesses  have at their disposal, but at a reasonable rates.  Reaching back to Mike's father's businesses, he realized that entrepreneurship is not an easy go... you need a good team, so We Do Books™ was formed!  Bring a financial and tax team to the small business.  CFO-Lite accounting work, tax  planning, bill paying, cashflow management... all, at an easy to afford monthly fixed-fee. We Do Books™ works with individuals with tax preparation, tax-planning and estate work through small businesses providing all the necessary accounting and tax work that will free the entrepreneur to concentrate on doing their business!

  • Education:

    • New York University School of Photography: Uncompleted studies in Photography
    • William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ:  B.S. Degree in Accounting, with concentration in Computer Science - Completed the four-year studies in 3 years.
    • Harvard University, Cambridge, MA: Michael is continuing his education, and is currently engulfed in Financial Management courses.
  • Certifications:

    • Certified Public Accountant (CPA):  CA - Inactive; PA & NJ inactive
    • Licensed Real Estate Broker: California License - inActive
    • Accreditation: Accreditation Council for Accountancy - Alexandria, VA (1992)
    • Certified Tax Professional (CTP): American Institute of Tax Studies, 1994-1997
    • Registered Representative: NASD Series 7 Securities Broker, Relinquished 11/93
    • Licensed Health and Life Insurance Agent: NJ,  Relinquished 1993
    • Countermeasures in Industrial Espionage: New York University - Certificate Course
    • Press Photographer: California recognized press photographer 2003-Present
    • NRA Instructor - Pistol - Range Safety Officer
    • USCCA Instructor - Pistol - Range Safety Officer - Emergency 1st Aid - Women's Handgun - Countering the Mass Shooter

Mike's Cars and Bikes

Mike is a bit of a motorhead.  From roadracing motorcycles in his earlier years to roadracing his Vette and Camaro through 2020.  When time allows, you will find him creating retro-mod motorcycles in the theme of late 70s' racing motorocycles.

1967 Firemaro - Interior and engine mods by Mike
1971 Retro Mod Stingray - Sold 2020
67' Firemaro Blower
Supercharged Kawasaki
1979 Supercharged Kawasaki - built by Mike
Vetter Bike
Mike's built Tribute Bike - 1st Japanese Motorcycle to win Superbike Race
75 corvette
1975 Supercharged Corvette Stingray - ZZ3 engine
Mike's Helmet at Track
at the races
Mike at the races
mikes 2017 camaro
Mike's Track Camaro

WeDoBooks Core Services


WeDoBooks knows the importance of relationships to excel and meet the needs of entrepreneurs and their businesses. Our client service relationship stresses client strategy and sound advice in all aspects of business - including the...


Cash Flow Management

Cash is king! and your business needs capital to work. In today's economy, we return to our specialty of pro-active Cash Flow Management for businesses. Our process employs Change Management to help your team make the appropriate modifications...


Tax Preparation Services

Whether you are concerned about your business, personal, or estate taxes, WeDoBooks can offer you practical tax advice to help you keep more of your money... we can help you negotiate your best path through the complex maze...


Tax Related Problems

We're here to help you resolve your tax problems and put an end to the misery that the IRS can put you through. We pride ourselves on being very efficient, affordable, and of course, extremely discrete. The IRS problems will not just go away by themselves;...


New Business Formation

When you are ready to start your business, let WeDoBooks help you make the right choice of entity. We can also form the entity for you. As with any good council, we want to review your business plans, potential liability and specific needs,..


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