Finding This Tax Services Company in Arizona Was So Beneficial To Me And My Business

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June 12, 2018

Finding This Tax Services Company in Arizona Was So Beneficial To Me And My Business

Finding This Tax Services Company in Arizona Was So Beneficial To Me And My Business

After struggling to do a tax return for my own dream business, a tax services company in Arizona, ‘Arizona Pro Tax’, made my job so much easier!

New Beginnings

I started my own company last year and despite the excitement of finally creating my dream business, tax returns kept looming at the back of my mind.

I was lucky that my business quickly took off but of course this meant that my taxes seemed more complicated than ever and with every successful month I could not see how I would be able to deal with my tax return.

I was fearful I would miss out some key information or do something as simple as check a wrong box and unintentionally end up lying about my business in the process!  It really began to get me down and the more I read about IRS changes the more anxious I became.

Putting An End To It All

I became so overwhelmed at the thought of it that I even considered stopping the business and going back to my nine to five job in retail, and as time went on, I found myself getting really snappy with my partner too.

It was all getting too much for me and as I sat down one evening with my expenses, income details, receipts, records of mileage etc I just broke down.  It was then that my partner suggested I speak to a tax preparer, someone who could help me out and take the pressure off.

I began to search for a tax services company in Arizona and found ‘Arizona Pro Tax’.  Reading through their site, I found that they offered exactly what I needed – tax preparation for Individuals – and I was pleased to see that I would be able to meet someone in-person.  I went to their offices in Wickenburg with my paperwork to make sure that I felt good about working with them and to check that they could actually help me.

Professional Preparation

I needn’t have worried because this tax services company in Arizona clearly knew what they were talking about!  I sat with a tax preparer for around thirty minutes and felt like they were on top of all the new IRS rules, regulations and changes for individual businesses.  I filled out a new client form and left all my tax information with them.

When I walked out of ‘Arizona Pro Tax’ I cannot tell you the relief that flooded through me.

It made all the difference knowing that the professionals at this tax services company in Arizona would be double checking my tax return and even running it through their software to ensure that there would be nothing for the IRS to pick up on.  And because the tax return was filed electronically my refund came back really quickly and I was able to put it straight back into growing my business for the coming year.

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